In Christian marriage, spouses model the love and self-gift of Christ.  By giving of themselves and serving one another, their family, and community, they help one another live out Christ's call to discipleship, love and service.  Marriage provides a foundation for a family committed to community, solidarity, and Jesus' mission in the world.

To be married at Blessed Sacrament we ask that you contact, one of the Priests or Deacons (814-454-0171) assigned to the parish to arrange an initial meeting at least 6 month before the wedding date you are seeking. You will then be given all the information you need to help prepare you for your wedding and reception of the Sacrament of Marriage.  You can also go to the Diocesan web site, Families Ministries Office for more information. Click the link below:

Also, check out this video about the how to of the Wedding day ceremony: