To nourish our love of God  through Jesus Christ

 under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

 Centered in the Eucharist, we are developing a faith community

 through  prayer, education, worship,and Christian fellowship.

 As stewards of God's love,  we strive to share our

 gifts and talents  for the service of God

 and all His people.




Blessed Sacrament Parish is Christ's ministry in action. Our past is service and stewardship, friendship, family, and dedication to our faith and love for the Lord. Our future will be a rich commitment to the same. The warmth and caring that each of us shows for God, for each other and for those beyond our walls is the spiritual cornerstone of Blessed Sacrament Parish. It is the same warmth and caring that Jesus taught all the disciples who journeyed before us.

In June of 1938, several families in the Erie area came together, pursuant to Bishop Gannon's decree, to celebrate their first Mass as the newly formed community named the Church of the Blessed Sacrament. They gathered on June 12, 1938 with Father Raymond Geiger, the founding pastor, as one of the heaviest rains of the season pelted the tent erected at 27th and Auburn Avenue.  Within a month the large tent was moved to the current site of the Church for Sunday Mass for the next five months. Our parish community flourished as more families built homes in this developing neighborhood of southwest Erie. Nineteen years later Father Geiger initiated the project of building our current Church Building.  We celebrated both the physical and spiritual cornerstones of Blessed Sacrament. The original 175 families were generous enough to enable the cornerstone for the School and Auditorium to be laid on October 12, 1938. When the cornerstone was blessed that day Bishop John Mark Gannon offered the following remark:  This is not the only cornerstone which will be blessed and placed in position on these grounds.  “Your parish will grow and prosper.  God will be with you because you have dedicated your work to the most beautiful devotion of our Catholic faith --- the Blessed Sacrament.”

Within our parish family are a few families descendants of the founding members and many new faces who have found their way to our Church doors over the decades. Together we make up God’s family, the Body of Christ, the Church.



 Father Raymond Geiger - Founding Pastor

6/1/38—1/2/57       Died 12/28/74 


Monsignor James Weithman

1/2/57—10/26/62     Died 1/19/73


Monsignor Ennis A. Connelly

10/27/62—11/5/81     Died November 5, 1981


Team Ministry

Monsignor Wilfrid J. Nash      1/5/82     (Died 9/8/89)

Father Thomas Fialkowski     1/5/82 –4/30/87

Father Gerald Koos     1/5/82—2/1/85

Father Thomas M. Brooks     7/1/86—6/3/95

Father Daniel K. Arnold     6/22/87—7/3/95

Monsignor John B. Hagerty     9/8/89—2/9/91     (Died 4/6/13)


Monsignor Daniel K. Arnold     7/3/95—6/30/99


Monsignor Daniel E. Magraw     7/1/99—2/12/17


Father Philip A. Pinczewski      2/27/17—present





Blessed Sacrament publishes a weekly bulletin with detailed information about our parish ministries and activities. This is a valuable tool of communication for our Parish Family. Please read the bulletin and become actively involved in our parish and keep up with current events.




When you regularly pray with us here at Blessed Sacrament, let us know you are here by registering as soon as possible. This assures you of full membership in the Blessed Sacrament community and guarantees that you will receive regular communications from the parish.

In addition, your parish membership is necessary before you can be prepared to receive any initiation sacraments: Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation or the Sacrament of Marriage. Also, membership in a parish is required to be a sponsor for Baptism or Confirmation. Register at the parish during  business hours, online (see link below), or by calling Father Phil to set up an appointment.