Our new Blessed Sacrament app is now available to download for iPhone and Android smartphones. Stay connected with our parish throughout the week with instant notifications, an easy-to-access event calendar, and the ability to quickly reply to or share messages via Facebook or Twitter.

Also enjoy a bunch of additional features like prayers, daily readings, helpful reminders to silence your phone before Mass or Confession, and much more. Help foster a stronger parish life at Blessed Sacrament and better engage the New Evangelization. 

Download our app today at or search your phone's app store for myparish. Need help or couldn't find an answer to your question? Give us a call, and let us try. 1-(800)-997-8805

Families Always Matter

Families Always Matter is a website intended to affirm families in their importance to God, the Church, to society and to each other.

Catholic Mass Time provides easy access to Mass schedules for traveling Catholics. Our mission is to one day connect Catholics with Church information worldwide.

Mission Statement

To nourish our love of God through Jesus Christ under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Centered in the Eucharist, we are developing a faith community through prayer, education, worship and Christian fellowship. As stewards of God's love, we strive to share our gifts and talents for the service of God and all His people.

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